Class Action and Multi-Plaintiff Litigation

When can a lawsuit become a class action?

Class action lawsuits can be a nightmare for a business. They are often drawn-out and complicated to deal with, while also costing millions in legal fees and settlement costs. But first, in order for a suit to be certified as a class action, it
must satisfy four criteria. Plaintiffs must show:

  • Commonality – that the plaintiffs’ claims are substantially about the same thing
  • Adequacy – that the named plaintiffs and their attorneys are able to represent the class
  • Numerosity – that there are enough plaintiffs to justify a class designation
  • Typicality – that the representative plaintiffs’ claims are typical of all claims within the class

Defending against class action

Our attorneys are experienced in defending class action/mass plaintiff actions, having been involved in some of the most significant cases of this sort in California and in other venues. We have successfully opposed class-action status and defended class cases after certification in a wide variety of settings, including unfair business practices under Business & Profession Code Section 17200 and related laws, consumer products, toxic torts and environmental actions, and we have defended cases with between 100 and 5,000 named plaintiffs. The clients we have represented in cases of this sort include Pacific Gas & Electric, Alcoa Inc., Alumax Inc., Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and Glencore Ltd.

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