Environmental Law

Tatro Tekosky Sadwick LLP attorneys have broad and deep experience in environmentally related disputes. We have served as counsel in a variety of exposure-based tort lawsuits or related products claims, among them some of the largest in the country. We have handled proceedings at all levels in state, federal, administrative and alternative dispute resolution venues. Our Proposition 65 defense practice is a leader in this challenging, specialized field. We have major representations in many of the most significant Proposition 65 cases. Our Proposition 65 clients range from large, multinational companies to regional manufacturers, and our experience includes Proposition 65 litigation initiated by private, “bounty hunter” entities as well as by the California Attorney General. Government-initiated CERCLA or “Superfund” litigation long has been a major focus of activity for our attorneys. Since the program’s beginning, we have represented individual defendants at major sites, acted as common counsel to large groups of Potentially Responsible Parties (“PRPs”) in defending against government actions, represented groups of de minimis PRPs, and prosecuted and defended contribution claims among PRPs. In addition to CERCLA, we regularly represent clients in cleanup and natural resource damage actions (“NRDA”) brought under enactments such as RCRA, CWA and the OPA, and we have decades of experience defending and prosecuting “private cost recovery” suits brought under the full range of statutory (including CERCLA, RCRA and the CAHSAA) and common law (including trespass, negligence, nuisance and contract) theories.

Defending against environmental and regulatory enforcement actions and prosecutions

We have defended a wide range of clients in all phases of civil, criminal and administrative environmental, land use, ADA and OSHA enforcement actions. These matters include actions by the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state attorneys general, county district attorneys, and state, regional and local agencies. These cases have involved a broad array of environmental, land-use and occupational safety statutes and the full range of media, including air, water and soil.

Ensuring your company complies with the law

Your company can avoid substantial costs, government interference and bad press by remaining in compliance with applicable environmental laws. Our attorneys work closely with your internal staff, engineers and scientists to perform audits that are good policy both for the environment and for your business. If your company has obeyed the law and yet been unfairly accused of contamination or noncompliance, we rigorously defend your business against unjust interference and assist you in the mitigation of damages.

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